• Strategic Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    PDP Energy provides strategic consulting services to help its clients solve business and operational problems and set the foundation for project delivery. Our philosophy lies in the thought that a consultant must not only be versed in managing processes, but...

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  • Feasibility Study

    Feasibility Study

    At PDP Energy we can conduct thorough feasibility studies. Realizing a successful project takes more than a good idea. A feasibility study is designed to discover if a project is "feasible" or not. It will answer questions such as "will your project work?”, “Is the project...

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  • Tender Preparation

    Tender Preparation

    PDP Energy can prepare complete tendering documents to clients in the energy or power sector. This is done in two phases: First phase consists of the pre-tendering phase. During this phase, preliminary designs and studies are carried out. All needed clarifications are...

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  • Bidders Evaluation

    Bidders Evaluation

    PDP Energy can assist client in the evaluation process of bidders. We verify that all submitted bids are complete and fulfill tender’s requirement, review all bids in terms of technical and commercial parts, answer all bidders’ technical and commercial...

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  • Energy Auditing

    Energy Auditing

    PDP Energy can conduct energy audits for power plants and auxiliary thermal systems, such as process hot water, vapor and cold water production. We can offer several levels of audits, through techniques used to establish pattern of energy use, identify how and...

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  • Conceptual Design

    Conceptual Design

    During the conceptual design phase, the individual requirements have to be compiled and the targets of the project have to be defined. An optimum process is designed based on the collected information. Knowledge in process engineering and energy technology...

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  • Pre-FEED Engineering

    Pre-FEED Engineering

    PDP Energy has the capability to deliver Pre-FEED (preliminary front end engineering design) for clients in the power and energy sectors. Pre-FEED, or Concept Definition, adds a further level of detail to the short listed options identified in the field development planning...

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  • FEED


    PDP Energy provides front-end engineering and design (FEED) services to Clients in the energy sector. FEED is defined as the work required for producing processes and engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth. These are to adequately define the project...

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  • FEED Supervision & Review

    FEED Supervision & Review

    PDP Energy can review and approve drawings, specifications, documents, procedures, methods, and data contained in a FEED study. The review can be performed for compliance with contracts, codes, and standards. A thorough review of all drawings and specifications....

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  • Detailed Engineering

    Detailed Engineering

    PDP Energy can cover a full detailed engineering scope for all functions such as civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control. We strive to achieve engineering excellence by complying with prudent industry practices and by applying the most economical...

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  • Design Review

    Design Review

    At PDP Energy, we conduct thorough design reviews on behalf of our clients. A methodical review is done for all project conceptual design up to detailed engineering. This review focuses on all project functions such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and control. The review...

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    PDP Energy can offer project management services. Our team can work either in client offices or on our own. Our involvement starts from the early stages of the project until its final closure. We provide a tailored project management team that can suit client procedures...

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  • Procurement


    PDP Energy can assist its clients in their project procurement process. This process starts by translating all technical specifications into Requests for Quotations (RFQ) to be addressed to all project suppliers. We can also review all quotations received from suppliers in terms...

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  • Construction Supervision

    Construction Supervision

    PDP Energy can provide construction supervision services. We can assign a resident engineer to follow up all daily site activities, and act as site client representative. In addition, PDP Energy will provide punctual visits by key experts from different fields of expertise such as civil...

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  • Commissioning Supervision

    Commissioning Supervision

    PDP Energy can provide commissioning supervision services for all power and energy projects. We can provide experienced supervisors who work closely with suppliers, contractors, and clients to ensure a smooth transition between construction activities...

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