Feasibility Study

At PDP Energy we can conduct thorough feasibility studies. Realizing a successful project takes more than a good idea. A feasibility study is designed to discover if a project is "feasible" or not. It will answer questions such as "will your project work?”, “Is the project profitable or cost effective in the long run?”, and “Have we chosen the right location?”.

It is an essential first step before spending money and time on more detailed plans.

Although the core of the study is dedicated to showing the outcomes of specific actions, at PDP Energy we begin with an evaluation of the entire operation.

PDP Energy's feasibility study focuses on the proposed plan of action and provides a detailed estimate of its costs and benefits. In some cases, a feasibility study may lead the client's management to determine that the company could achieve the same benefits by other types of projects.

If the proposed project is determined to be both feasible and desirable, the information provided in the feasibility study can prove valuable in implementation. It can be used to develop a strategic plan for the project, translating general ideas into measurable goals. The goals can then be broken down further to create a series of concrete steps.

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