Welcome to PDP Energy!

PDP Energy is a division of Pierre Dammous & Partners, that specializes in energy consulting, engineering, and project management. Our expertise lies mainly in power plants based on reciprocating engines and gas turbines running on gas and liquid fuels such as diesel and HFO. We also cover practice areas of cogeneration, energy auditing, transmission, distribution, and renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, and landfill gas-to-energy conversion.


Internally: Committed and responsible contributors to the processes and goals. Externally: Effective communicators with high service standards to meet our clients’ needs.


A professional legacy with a long, solid, and reputable experience, relying on the wide knowledge of our energy consultants in the areas of engineering and project management.


Continually building on past achievements and moving forward with ambitious goals, in order to win a stronger foothold in the energy consulting business and the technical leadership.


Problem solvers driven to find ways to improve standard practice. Our teams reflect the qualities of inventiveness and creativity to deliver leading engineering projects.

Our Services

A trusted and transparent partner who brings impartial, creative, and pragmatic solutions, together with the latest technical know-how and uncompromising commitment in the engineering field.
A work environment with a strong sense of pride, belonging, and a two-way loyalty, characterized by a friendly, devoted, and non-bureaucratic atmosphere that goes beyond the strict notion of profitability, and a genuine commitment to personal development.
To perpetually evolve our technical knowledge, team well-being, and community prosperity, while becoming an independent firm in the sector.

Our services and solutions are customized across various sectors like construction, industries, oil & gas, and renewable energy.

Latest projects

    • Sebline 16 MW HFO Power Plant

      Location: Lebanon. Type: Power Plant. Description: Sebline power plant consists of four MAN 18V28/32S engines running on heavy fuel oil…

    • Gorou Banda 20 MW HFO Power Plant

      Location: Niger. Type: Power Plant. Description: Detailed engineering. PDP Energy Scope: Nigelec extended and exixting power by adding onegenerator with…

    • Glass Factory 6 MW HFO Power Plant

      Location: Bekaa, Lebanon. Type: Power Plant. Description: Preliminary and conceptual design. PDP Energy Scope: Execution of the preliminary and conceptual…

    • Sirakoro 100 MW Power Plant

      Location: Bamako, Mali. Type: Power Plant. Description: Engineering and the technical part of the Procurement. PDP Energy Scope: Energie du…

    • Freetown 6 MWp PV Plant

      Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone. Type: Photovoltaic Power Plant. Description: PDP Energy is part of the JV in charge of the…

    • Malicounda 130 MW HFO Power Plant

      Location: Malicounda, Senegal. Type: Power Plant. Description: Malicounda power plant consists of seven Wärtsilä 18V50 engines running on heavy fuel oil…

    • Berbera 7 MWp PV Plant

      Location: Berbera, Somaliland. Type: Photovoltaic Power Plant. Description: Engineering and the technical part of the Procurement. PDP Energy Scope: PDP…

    • Tripoli Saray 104 KWp PV Plant

      Location: Tripoli, Lebanon. Type: Photovoltaic. Description: Load study and conceptual design for a roof PV plant. PDP Energy Scope: PDP…


    What we do

    PDP Energy's engineering expertise and know-how, coupled with a thorough understanding of the construction industry allow the company to offer a vast array of services that cover the whole lifecycle of a power project.

    Our story is directed to being grounded in “oneness”; united spirit, unified vision and goal. We are one at the root and strive towards the consistency of quality.