Energy Auditing

PDP Energy can conduct energy audits for institutions, industries, power plants and auxiliary thermal systems, such as process hot water, vapor and cold water production. We can offer several levels of audits, through techniques used to establish pattern of energy use, identify how and where losses are occurring, and suggest appropriate economically viable engineering solutions to enhance energy efficiency in the system studied.

An energy audit involves the inspection of each system within the scope of the audit. It traces the source of energy or the resource for each point of use. Energy waste and other abnormal conditions are identified. The audit assesses the efficiency, physical condition, and operating profile of the equipment, including the duty cycle, load changes, and controls.

An audit report is prepared where all the findings are summarized and presented in an organized and prioritized format. The financial costs of each instance of wasted energy are calculated based on the audit measurements. For each energy problem, one or more possible remedies are listed, along with their estimated total costs. Total costs will include any financial impact of completing the project, including equipment expenses, installation or repair labor, employee training, and process downtime. The financial analysis portion presents the ROI estimates for each option.

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