Pre-FEED Engineering

PDP Energy has the capability to deliver Pre-FEED (preliminary front-end engineering design) for clients in the power and energy sectors. Pre-FEED, or Concept Definition, adds a further level of detail to the short-listed options identified in the field development planning phase to achieve a more precise definition, a better cost estimate, and ultimately, a selection of a single option for FEED.

With the Pre-FEED, we typically provide our clients with a complete basis for design, especially where this is neither available nor properly done at the conceptual design stage.

During Pre-FEED, PDP Energy engineers put great emphasis on developing a proper process design basis and specifying the required process parameter on which the main FEED work depends.

As a result, the development enters FEED with a single and well-defined option. At this stage, the development's major design issues are decided, risks and uncertainties are understood, and the cost estimate, budgets, and schedules are cleared and completed.

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