Trigeneration meaning can be summarized as the simultaneous production of Power, Heat and Chilled Water. Trigeneration has many benefits as listed below for stakeholders as facility owners, municipalities, and electric utilities. At PDP Energy, we make sure that all these benefits come to realization.

Main benefits to facility owners:

- Improved operating margins from energy cost reductions.
- Increased power reliability which promotes business continuity.
- Enhanced power quality which promotes productivity.

Main benefits to the environment:

- Improved air quality through reductions of harmful pollutants such as nitrous oxides that are the key to smog formation.
- Reduced need to utilize diesel generators for backup power.
- Increased conservation of natural resources such as fresh water and natural gas.
- Greenhouse effect reduction.

Main benefits to municipalities:

- Urban beautification.
-More safety for people.
- More space in cities.
- Noise pollution reduction.

Main benefits to electric utilities:

- Enhanced reliability of transmission and distribution systems.
- Additional revenue streams through the sale of steam and/or chilled water.
- Customer retention.
- Improve asset utilization by minimizing investments in over capacity.

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