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Our consultancy services relating to Power distribution networks touch on:

- Distribution networks.
- Rural electrification.
- Urban supply networks.


Our consultants have a wide experience in planning, designing, developing, assessing and rehabilitating HV substations and transmission lines.

In the case of rehabilitation of transmission lines, our services could include:
- Collection and review of all available data, information and plans concerning the rehabilitation of existing substations and restoration of missing drawings that are needed for project implementation
- Examination and analysis of the technical condition of the existing equipment and facilities, which are to be replaced
- Preparation of the preliminary planning and the schedule of supplies and services, i.e. submission of a design report which will have to be elaborated in such a way that it can be utilized directly for tendering purposes
- Preparation and amendment of the tender documents and tender evaluation
- Review and updating of the investment cost estimate, implementation schedule and financing schedule for the program
- Drafting of the contract documents and providing assistance during contract negotiation as well as in the conclusion of the supply and installation contract with the general contractors
- Preparation of the planning for the interconnection of new electrical equipment with existing electrical equipment
- Contracts implementation monitoring, including but not limited to, acceptance tests, site supervision, review of work plans, progress schedules, financial schedules, invoice checking
- Assistance in the preparation of quarterly reports on project implementation and in elaborating a final report about the project implementation.

Micro Turbines

PDP Energy can help its clients devise their microturbine packages, stressing on their performance (performance conformance to be determined at the manufacturer's factory test and total rated output power to be determined at the site ratings) in addition to being a source of clean energy (NOx emissions less than a certain ppm value).

A microturbine is a small turbine of compact design, comprised of a recuperated gas turbine engine, a combustor and a generator. The main subassemblies of the microturbine, its fuel system and its integrated controller are normally packaged in a single enclosure.

Gas Turbines

Our design and consultancy services cover the construction of open-cycle gas turbine power plants, and include the design of the gas turbine power plants, the preparation of tenders, the evaluation of the submitted bids, and the supervision of implementation works.

Our consultants consider a packaged gas turbine generating unit to be completed in all respects in terms of auxiliaries, instrumentation, grounding system and interconnection piping, cabling, gas fuel operation, air intake filtration facilities, inlet and exhaust silencing facilities, ducts and other ancillary equipment.

Moreover, in order for our team to reach its determination on the evaluation of bids, it normally examines and compares the technical aspects of the bids on the basis of the information supplied by the bidders. They take into account overall completeness, compliance with the employer’s requirements, conformity of the plant, and Installation services offered with specified performance criteria. They include conformity with the specified minimum (or maximum, as the case may be) requirement corresponding to each functional guarantee as indicated in the specifications, and suitability of the plant and installation services offered in relation to the environmental and climatic conditions prevailing at the site. In addition to quality, function and operation of any process control concept included in the bid, and type, quantity and long-term availability of mandatory and recommended spare parts and maintenance services.