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Garou Banda 20 MW HFO Power Plant

Location: Niger.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Detailed engineering.

PDP Energy Scope: Nigelec extended and exixting power by adding one
generator with its auxiliaries to reach 100 MW. PDP Energy executed the
detailed engineering of the extension.

Client: Matelec.

Glass Factory 6 MW HFO Power Plant

Location: Bekaa, Lebanon.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Preliminary and conceptual design.

PDP Energy Scope: Execution of the preliminary and conceptual design for
the power plant for four engines running on HFO to deliver 24/24 power to the
glass factory.

Client: Glasspack.

Sirakoro 100 MW Power Plant

Location: Bamako, Mali.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Engineering and the technical part of the Procurement.

PDP Energy Scope: Energie du Mali (EDM-SA) wanted to replace the existing
rented (98 MW) diesel power plant by a new (100 MW) plant running on HFO.
PDP Energy executed the detailed engineering of all balance of plant outside
DG hall. Scope covering mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

Client: Matelec.

Malicounda 130 MW HFO Power Plant

Location: Malicounda, Senegal.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Malicounda power plant consists of seven Wärtsilä 18V50 engines running on heavy fuel oil (HFO). The plant also includes the Flexicycle™ from Wartsila producing power from engines exhausts heat recovery. PDP Energy is currently executing the detailed engineering of all systems and areas outside DG and SG halls. The scope of work covers mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and MEP for all buildings.

PDP Energy Scope: Power Plant Detailed Engineering.

Client: Matelec Engineering & Contracting Division.