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NASCO 50 kWp PV Plant

Location: Lebanon.

Type: Photovoltaic.

Description: Client Representative.

PDP Energy Scope: PDP Energy is overseeing the installation of a 50 kWp
PV system on two buildings roofs. The scope covers the design review, the
equipment technical approval and the site supervision.

Client: Nasco Insurance Group.

Garou Banda 20 MW HFO Power Plant

Location: Niger.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Detailed engineering.

PDP Energy Scope: Nigelec extended and exixting power by adding one
generator with its auxiliaries to reach 100 MW. PDP Energy executed the
detailed engineering of the extension.

Client: Matelec.

Glass Factory 6 MW HFO Power Plant

Location: Bekaa, Lebanon.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Preliminary and conceptual design.

PDP Energy Scope: Execution of the preliminary and conceptual design for
the power plant for four engines running on HFO to deliver 24/24 power to the
glass factory.

Client: Glasspack.

Sirakoro 100 MW Power Plant

Location: Bamako, Mali.

Type: Power Plant.

Description: Engineering and the technical part of the Procurement.

PDP Energy Scope: Energie du Mali (EDM-SA) wanted to replace the existing
rented (98 MW) diesel power plant by a new (100 MW) plant running on HFO.
PDP Energy executed the detailed engineering of all balance of plant outside
DG hall. Scope covering mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

Client: Matelec.

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