Our consultants have a wide experience in planning, designing, developing, assessing and rehabilitating HV substations and transmission lines.

In the case of rehabilitation of transmission lines, our services could include:
- Collection and review of all available data, information and plans concerning the rehabilitation of existing substations and restoration of missing drawings that are needed for project implementation
- Examination and analysis of the technical condition of the existing equipment and facilities, which are to be replaced
- Preparation of the preliminary planning and the schedule of supplies and services, i.e. submission of a design report which will have to be elaborated in such a way that it can be utilized directly for tendering purposes
- Preparation and amendment of the tender documents and tender evaluation
- Review and updating of the investment cost estimate, implementation schedule and financing schedule for the program
- Drafting of the contract documents and providing assistance during contract negotiation as well as in the conclusion of the supply and installation contract with the general contractors
- Preparation of the planning for the interconnection of new electrical equipment with existing electrical equipment
- Contracts implementation monitoring, including but not limited to, acceptance tests, site supervision, review of work plans, progress schedules, financial schedules, invoice checking
- Assistance in the preparation of quarterly reports on project implementation and in elaborating a final report about the project implementation.

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