Photovoltaic Systems

PDP Energy can take care of all aspects of design and engineering of island or grid-connected low and medium-voltage photovoltaic systems.

We can conduct:


- Derive electricity usage profiles based on historical measured or billing data.
- Conduct on-site investigation in suitable areas to install ground-mounted or rooftop PV systems.
- Assess the available solar resource for specific locations based on satellite-derived and time-series data.
- Conduct detailed PV electricity production models for accurate long term predictions.
- Provide detailed financial analysis and financial models for PV installations.


- Develop detailed technical specifications for PV turnkey projects.
- Guide the client through the tender process.
- Participate in and advise tender evaluation committee.
- Secure the lowest risk and best priced solution from trusted equipment suppliers and installers.


- Assist the client with our technical advisory capacity.
- Monitor project progress and conduct on-site inspections.

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