Elie Siam joined PDP in 1994 as a design engineer. After multiple successes he led the team for resolving Mission Critical facilities problems and proved to be a local authority in the Electrical Engineering field.

He is an active contributor to Lebanese Standards, and a Building Services Instructor at Notre Dame University. He has special qualifications in telecommunications and data networks, and has established highly performing systems for large banks (BLOM, Credit Libanais, SGBL, SGBJ, Fransabank, BLC, CSC, BBAC and LCB), schools and universities (LAU, Balamand and ACS), Telecom (Saudi Telecom Company, Cellis, IDM and Alfa) and leading media companies (Annahar, VTR and Bloomberg). Elie is an Accredited Tier Designer from the Uptime Institute.


BEng. Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.